Sonoma county fire resources Oct 2017

Sonoma Strong

I've been experimenting with creating maps based on the NASA MODIS and VIIRS data This is satellite data. The satellites make ? (possibly 1 pass for MODIS and one for VIIRS - I am not sur eyet) passes a day, and the data is released in 'NRT' (near real time) 'as soon as' 3 hours after a pass. So these maps are interesting but don't use them as authoritative data. These maps include MODIS and VIIRS data with layers for the last 24 hours, 48 hours, and 7 days. I _think_ that this means that the red dots are, or have recently, been on fire. The yellow areas are older, and the green areas older still. Here is the User's guide to the VIIRS (375 meter resolution) data.